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Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda, Marketing consultants, specializes in Market Research in Latin America, marketing studies including qualitative and quantitative studies in South America, among them Marketing Research in Chile, Market Research in South America, Focus Group in Chile, Blind Client in Chile, Marketing consultants, Marketing Plan, Marketing Intelligence in Latin America, Blind Client in Chile, Data Base Development in Latin America and Market Segmentation. We rely and count on a permanent Country Manager in certain countries. We are leaders in providing Market Segmentation services for your business.

The professionals or country managers count on sound knowledge on marketing, Marketing consultantsMarketing Plan, Focus Group, Market segmentation, Marketing Consultants and market research and marketing intelligence that enables them to carry out detailed marketing studies, Blind Client in Chile, Data base development in South America, Focus Group in Chile and they are located in the following cities: Lima  (Peru) – Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Santa Cruz (Bolivia) – Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Bogotá (Colombia) – Montevideo Uruguay)

Thanks to its experience on-site and on networking with positive results with some of its strategic allies, marketing consultants, International investors, clients, suppliers and with its Country Managers in some South American countries, Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda offers trustworthy services on marketing studies and business counseling based on the following methods of market research studies and Blind Client in Chile:

Methods Chile Peru Argentine Brasil Colombia Venezuela Bolivia Uruguay
In Depth Interviews Market consultancy agency, Roe Smithson, can perform In Depth Interviews as a service through Latin America; Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, to investigate the market and generate a proper final report used for business counseling in several ways. X X X X X X X
CATI Interviews CATI Interviews, a service provided by marketing research agency Roe Smithson, covers the countries, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay. CATI Interviewing, a service, to collect qualitative and quantitative data, used for market consultancy. X X       X X
Telephone Interviews In-depth Telephone Interviews with your customers - and those of your competition -will uncover the answers you need to support decision-making at every level when conducting marketing research. Roe Smithson provide this service, covering Latin America; Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Uruguay. X X X X X X X
Surveys X X X X X   X  
Focus Group Sessions Focus Group is a form of qualitative research service, provided by Roe Smithson, in which a group of people (audience) is asked about their attitude towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, etc. Focus Group Sessions are performed in Santiago de Chile, Lima de Peru and Capital Federal de Argentina.   X          
Recruiting X X X X X   X X
On line Recruiting X X X X X   X  
Blind Client Mystery shopping or blind client is a tool used by the market research company Roe Smithson to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. The service of Mystery Shopping is covered in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay, X X X X      
Marketing Intelligence X X X X        
Measurement Studies X X X X     X  
Secondary Source Investigation Secondary Source Investigation is a service, provided to analyze, comments on, or makes an interpretation of Primary Investigation of, for example, a market research company. Secondary Source Investigation is provided by Roe Smithson in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Uruguay. X X X X X X X
Market Analysis X X X X     X X
Market Segmentation X X X X     X X
Data Base Development X X   X X X X X
Ethnic Studies X X X X X      
Press Release X X     X     X
Direct Marketing X X   X X      
Final Report Development X X X X X X X X

Other cities covered by Strategic Alliances and/or Regional Managers

Methods All Chile Lima Buenos Aires, Mendoza Sao Paulo, Curitiba Bogota, Cali Caracas Sta. Cruz Montevideo
  Chile Peru Argentina Brazil Colombia Venezuela Bolivia Uruguay
Business Opportunities X X X       X  
Investment Opportunities X   X   X   X X
Executive Search X X X          
Franchise Opportunities X X X          
Product/Service Search X X X X X   X X

Being aware of globalization and of products and services’ competitiveness as well as its influence on the changing world of marketing, our company carries out market researches on the requirements and expectations of current market in order to assure success to the companies by means of techniques such as qualitative studies, quantitative studies jointly with a series of researches on competence, distribution channels, sales places, advertisement in the market, prices, Marketing Intelligence, Market segmentation, focus group and market research in Latin America.

As marketing consultans and experts on marketing studies we are aware the clue is to know the market, the market’s necessities that are nothing else but the customers’ necessities as these lead to define the products to be sold, who, how and where will they be sold. In other words, it is our duty to carry out marketing studies to involve the customers, clients and public with the expert on marketing studies through the information used to identify and define the market’s opportunities and problems.

As part of our services in Market Research in Chile, Marketing studies report data leading to results that will be somehow analyzed and processed by means of statistical tools in order to obtain conclusions on the acceptance or not of a product within the market as well as its complications.

Marketing studies mean some complexity therefore they demand not only time but also dedication from many people, and the margin of error of the marketing problem will depend on its carrying out so much that marketing studies are a guide to achieve multiple goals and it basically makes easier your performance in businesses.

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